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6 years ago the buddy, Pringles introduced me to the music of Jay Reatard and his latest release the Blood Visions album.

I was instantly in love with his music, the sound, the raw power and energy, it was, is awesome to hear. A year later Pringles took me to see Jay in concert in Long Beach. Along with friends Danny , Mario,and Kasey and Diego at Alex’s bar. It was amazing a 25 minute set, he took only 1 break between songs to talk about the first time he played there. He was tall and intimidating,

Pringles actually yelled out “we love you Jay” but he didn’t hear him. Danny spit at Jay and the whole time I thought I was going to see Jay attack him, after the set I got to talk to  members of the band, Billy and Steven for a couple minutes and they were nice enough to sign my record I bought, yes record not cd, I still have it kept safely put away.

A year later Jay released Watch Me Fall. He did a in store show at amoeba records in hollywood. He got drunk and by the last song “let it all go” Jay attacked a Elvis Presley record on the wall and destroyed it. It was awesome.

That was my last time seeing Jay Reatard in concert. The following year that is now 4 years ago today, Jay passed away. It was a total bummer. I still listen to his music, I still enjoy it, its good shit.

Rest In Peace Jay.

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